(Libri consigliati) Iba…in inglese

The most complete reference guide in the world of mixing: this volume illustrates the new 2020 IBA (International Bartenders Association) coding introducing many updates. The categories remain the same: The Unforgettables gather up the memorable recipes; the Contemporary Classics are the classics still in vogue and finally the New Era Drinks that belong to today’s modern era. For each category there are many new drinks, representing the main novelty of this official IBA coding, calibrated on the evolving consumption and current trends. The book is divided into three sections: the history of all IBA codings since 1961 to the present day with the list of cocktails; all the new IBA recipes including their history and peculiarities and finally the last part is dedicated to the Greats that were left out, the 2011 cocktails that have been removed from the last official coding.