How to taste cocktail and spirits like a pro. IBA official cocktail

Tasting is an art that serves to savor and Judge (not only personal) but also objectively. This is the most diffi cult part because the fi ve senses perceive nuances different from other people. But with training, the result comes. The tasting was born with wines, and for this Enterprise we try to identify strengths and Weaknesses; for cocktails i would like to keep the following goals in mind: iba cocktails are tasted, because we have a neutral (or fairly neutralità) meter; the quality of the preparation is estimated; we try to identify and differentiate the various Shades and Shades.

Furthermore behind every iba International cocktail there is not only just a recipe, there is a history, a character, a Legend, making the drink everlasting in spite of the passing years.

This is not a simple collection of immutable recipes, this is a book that will take you on a backwards journey through time. This book will make you discover the basics of the art of mixology, handed down by people like Jerry Thomas and Harry Craddock. This work refers to the last iba list and the history of each cocktail comes with its recipe.

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